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About Linda

Hi I’m Linda McGovern. I spent years working as a classroom teacher searching for that elusive program that would make a real difference to my students who were struggling with reading and spelling.

That was until I discovered Cracking the ABC Code, a program designed to significantly improve a student’s reading and spelling in a short time.

Now I teach on-line and face-to-face, working with individual students and their parents making progress in three months, which in the past would have taken a year or more.


About the Program

Cracking the ABC Program

Dr Lillian Fawcett, an accredited Dyslexia-SPELD specialist teacher, with university qualifications and professional experience in both psychology and education, initially developed Cracking the ABC Code to assist a family member diagnosed with dyslexia. She has since gone on to publish a variety of programs to help students struggling with learning to read, spell and write.

The 12-30 week programs cover a variety of areas including phonics, fluency, morphology, syllabification, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, spelling, spelling rules, grammar and editing. The easy to follow, fast paced multisensory programs are phonic based with systematic and structured activities that are based on current research.

The Multisensory Reading & Spelling Programs

There are seven levels in this series of reading programs and each is designed to introduce phonemes (sounds) and their corresponding graphic form (letters or combinations of letters representing a sound). These programs cover phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, oral reading, fluency and syllabification. Students learn new information through the use of memory techniques, including picture cues and multisensory activities. In all of the Cracking the ABC Code programs, once a concept has been introduced, it continues to be included in different activities throughout the program.  This inbuilt repetition ensures the retention of the knowledge in students’ long-term memory. The ability to read nonsense words is another key feature of the Cracking the ABC Code programs. Using nonsense words forces students to apply their phonic and syllabification knowledge in order to decode (read) the word. Subsequently, students are more successful in decoding unknown real words using the same strategies (rather than just guessing).

Rules & Editing

These program are available in four levels and teach a comprehensive list of spelling rules. This is particularly beneficial for students with poor spelling, including those with dyslexia, as it provides a framework for helping them determine the correct spelling of unknown words. Students practise the rules using both real and nonsense words. Applying the rules to nonsense words ensures that students really do understand the rules and are not just relying on their visual memory of how a word is spelled.  The Editing books also introduce students to punctuation and grammatical concepts. An important component of all these programs is not just identifying that words are spelled incorrectly, but being able to explain why the word is incorrect according to the relevant spelling rule(s).


There are two writing programs: Writing Persuasively and Writing Creatively. Students learn the formula for each type of text and then practise each specific step to build a cohesive and interesting piece of writing.


“Linda is a kind and caring teacher who nurtured my daughter’s learning. Over the twelve weeks, Elizabeth blossomed to become a confident student and tackle harder concepts. Thank you, Linda for your patience and for being the amazing person and teacher you are. I would recommend this program to any parent wanting to assist their child’s educational development.”


“Our son has just completed 12 weeks of Cracking the ABC Code and his progress is remarkable. His spelling, reading and comprehension have all greatly improved. And more importantly he has gained practical strategies to successfully decode unfamiliar words, remember spelling rules and graphemes. This has given him so much confidence. Linda’s guidance and support has been invaluable.”

Karinda & Mike

“Linda was fantastic in identifying when my son started to lose concentration. As a dyslexic myself, Linda was able to help me with how the rules work. My son has improved dramatically in reading.”


“Linda was very accommodating with her schedule as we are from the country. She delivers a very positive and correct lesson with warmth and encouragement. My son has made vast improvements and it has given him a great deal of confidence. I would recommend Linda and Cracking the ABC Code to anyone.”


“Our son has completed the first 12 weeks of the program and we are so pleased with the results. There has been considerable improvement in all areas and really importantly, it has given him a lot more confidence. He has looked forward to his weekly session with Linda. She makes the lesson fun, friendly and she is so patient and kind. The program is terrific! I would totally recommend Linda and the ABC Cracking the Code program.”


“Our son has just completed 12 weeks of the program. He has made stunning progress in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension generally. His confidence levels have shot up! Linda has been absolutely incredible in guiding him and making the lessons fun for him. We are very very pleased..”

Dr & Mrs Rajaendran

“Our daughter has just started the ABC Cracking The Code program and already we can see an improvement in her reading and spelling skills. The workbook is comprehensive and covers grammar, spelling rules, reading fluency and comprehension. Linda is really helping to develop Amy’s confidence. We are extremely happy with all aspects of this fantastic program.”



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